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"Your Music Magazine" interview

"Your Music Magazine" is a free music magazine circulating around California.  An interview I did appears in this month's issue (which can conveniently be read online).   Give it a read.  I admit I probably spent too much time mulling over the questions asked, but my ramblings perfectly filled up the two-page spread.  Nice. 


awesome interview, and that spread looks great too! I long to see more interviews like this within comics-- concise but plentiful, fun without being jokey, and cool, cool, cool. you did a great job with your answers-- lots of good info in there!
Hey, thanks! I certainly wanted to make sure I used this opportunity to its fullest. Now, I just hope some people will read it and seek out the books. And, I need to get my hands on a hard copy of the mag...y'know, for the scrapbook...