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The Eclipse Gallery exhibit

I will be one of five artists displaying work at the newly-opening The Eclipse Gallery in Algoma, Wisconsin.  The opening reception is on August 1, starting at 5:30 in the p.m.  I have a number of watercolor illustrations that will be at the show so, if you're somewhere in the area, try to stop by, won't you?  I think I'll drag along some Breathers comics and Birch books too, for good measure.

I don't usually (or ever) do gallery shows, but figured it was about time I embraced the idea. So, there you have it.   


4 hours 18 minutes away, according to googlemaps.
you should bring along a camera and document the experience for all of us adoring fans
Yes, I will bring along a camera. Whether it actually gets used or not will be another matter.
just do it!